Former Nickelodeon CG Creative Director to Join Ghostbot, Inc.

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- San Francisco Bay Area independent animation studio Ghostbot, Inc. announces today that Josh Book joins the studio as its CG Creative Director. Known for unique style and memorable characters, the team at Ghostbot has branched out to increase their capabilities to 3D/CG. 

Under Book's tenure, the CG pipeline at Nickelodeon became one of the most efficient global CG production pipelines for animation. Book oversaw all in-house CG series and development work including the Emmy award-winning TV series DreamWorks "The Penguins of Madagascar," "Tak and the Power of Juju," "Fanboy and Chum Chum," and "Bubble Guppies."

"The San Francisco/Bay Area is a hotbed of animation talent, including huge studios like PDI/Dreamworks, LucasFilm Animation, and Disney/Pixar," states Alan Lau, co-founder of Ghostbot. "Now with the addition of Josh, we are one step closer to realizing our goal of producing our own intellectual property for all media whether in film, television, games, web or merchandise."  Lau goes on to state, "by capitalizing on the strengths of our 2D abilities coupled with Josh's knowledge of CG, we are positioning ourselves to be the next big animation studio out of the San Francisco Area."

Ghostbot, Inc. will merge their unique design sense with Book's vision and experience to create a new, experimental use of CG. "Ghostbot is a super-talented artist driven studio with a love of animation and cartoons equal to my own," Book said. "They've got a great reputation for quality and are one of the premiere animation studios in the San Francisco Bay Area. We want to tell great animated stories, and develop new and unique looks that aren't typically seen in CG."

Formed in 2004 with over 75 years of combined experience in the entertainment sector, the principals of Ghostbot work tirelessly to deliver the highest quality product.  Throughout the history of the company, the studio has come to be recognized as one of the premier creative forces in the animation industry. 

by G B