Whisker Haven Tales with the Palace Pets: "Chowing Down"

Client: Disney

Whisker Haven Tales with the Palace Pets series follows — TREASURE, PUMPKIN, PETITE, BERRY, SULTAN and DREAMY — as they journey into the magnificent kingdom of WHISKER HAVEN, a world of adventure, fun and friendship.

Working with the amazingly collaborative folks at Disney Publishing, we enjoy developing the Whisker Haven universe from the ground up, crafting the characters, stories, and animation so they work in harmony together. 

Not only has the ongoing series aired on Disney Junior, but it has garnered over 200 million views and counting.

In one of our favorite episodes, Chowing Down, the Palace Pets have a mystery on their paws! All of Mr. Chow's kibble has gone missing and Detective Fern, is on the case!

Powerpuff Girls: "Power Up Puff" Storyboards

Client: Cartoon Network

Ghostbot had the opportunity to storyboard an episode for the new relaunch of the Powerpuff Girls. This was the first episode that really began to explore the idea of what "new powers" for the girls looked like. The challenge with such a stylized show was not only staging the action in a dynamic way, but also crafting acting moments that got to the heart of the characters. Many action-comedy shows are board driven and so we were responsible for coming up with a lot of the gags and writing original dialogue as well. 

Drake Vs Lil Wayne Concert

Client: iam8bit

Working with Animation Producer Tim Yoon and the fine folks at iam8bit we were tasked to design media for a new kind of concert experience that combines live-action, animation, motion graphics, all synchronized to an interactive App during a live show.

The art style in the piece was generated to follow the world famous Street Fighter aesthetic, while also respecting the superstar musical talent of Drake, Lil Wayne, Nikki Minaj, Wiz Khalifa and more.

The animation was divided into 6 screens and it was crafted in a way where the viewer would naturally gaze from point to point in a seamless fashion.

It was an honor to work with such iconic musicians as well as play in the universe of Capcom’s Street Fighter. Hadoken!

Meat Pie Vs The Dark Ages

Meat Pie Vs The Dark Ages

Client: Nickelodeon

Ghostbot once again teamed up with our buddy and awesome creator/director Gabe Swarr to produce his latest short for Nickelodeon. Gabe constantly wows us with his unique sense of humor and zany characters and Meat Pie is no exception.

Previously, we've collaborated with Gabe on Catch One Up! and Enter Mode 5.

Watch the full short HERE.

Toy Story of Terror "Combat Carl PSA" Bonus Clip

Client: PIXAR

PIXAR is known for creating some of the most memorable stories and characters of our generation. Needless to say the opportunity to collaborate with them on a 2D project was a no-brainer.

"Combat Carl" was introduced to the Toy Story universe for their recent Halloween special "Toy Story of Terror!". Supervising Director Angus MacLane and Vintage Commercial Director Jeremy Lasky wanted to capture the charm and nostalgia of the original G.I. Joe PSAs from the 80s while at the same time maintaining the cutting wit of their newest character (voiced by Carl Weathers). Many a Sunbow inbetween was lovingly scrutinized for this project and the result took us back to the glory days of after school animation.

N.E.R.D. Animated Concept

Client: Pharrell

There isn’t a hotter producer in music now than Pharrell Williams. As one of the most sought-after music artists today, Pharrell has won seven Grammy Awards, been nominated for an Oscar, and has had numerous #1 multi-platinum hits on the Billboard charts. His list of collaborators include the biggest stars in the business like Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Beyonce, Kanye West, Daft Punk, and world-renowned film composer Hans Zimmer.

Along with his prolific music career, Pharrell is also known for his interest and influence in all forms of media, including entertainment. Ghostbot had the opportunity to collaborate with Pharrell directly to explore what it would be like to bring his style and music into a stylized animated world. Using one of his tracks from his band N*E*R*D*, we produced a proof-of-concept test to show what “Pharrell + Ghostbot” would look like. He is one of the highest profile clients our studio has worked with and yet throughout the whole process, he treated us with the greatest respect. It is no surprise that his career is on a meteoric path and we look forward to collaborating with him again in the future. 

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